Thursday, February 2, 2017


Cyberbullying is an issue all around the world with all different age ranges. It is very sad to hear stories about people getting cyberbullied. There have been suicides over cyberbullying and other cases of self-harm. I just saw the other day a girl committed suicide on Facebook live because she was being bullied so much. That girl has a family and friends who care about here and will never get to see her again because of the actions of others. People bully and do not realize or care how the other person is affected. A lot of people say to just turn off the computer but that does not solve the problem. Are they just never supposed to have social media because other people decide to ruin it for them? There are a lot of campaigns to stop cyberbullying and bullying but it still continues every day all over. I have seen children to grown adults argue over Facebook simply because they have different opinions. While everyone is entitled to have a different opinion than others, that does not mean you should not tear down others because of that opinion.